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United Way of Rhode Island

Who We Are

We help Rhode Islanders help themselves. 

We connect them with critical services like job skills training, educational opportunities, child care, housing, health and emergency services – things that not just improve someone’s life, but can change it.

We’ve already paid for overhead, so our supporters don’t have to. That means that everything you do with us – whether it is support through payroll deduction, volunteering, or individual giving – is focused on directly helping those who need it most.

Because we demand results, we generate results. Every program we support is built to grow to meet the changing needs of Rhode Islanders throughout the state

What We Do


Changing lives and strengthening our community, together.

We believe that Rhode Islanders want to do better for themselves, and that by working together we can make a difference in our community. We’ve been doing just that for 85 years. And we’re confident that when Rhode Islanders roll up their sleeves to help Rhode Islanders, we all get results.

Through LIVE UNITED 2020, we will strengthen our community. We will invest in partnerships that are tested to make sure that they work over the short term, and are scalable over the long-term. We will try some new ideas, too. And, with your support, we will spread positive results to families across the state.


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