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Who We Are

134 Collaborative is an independent nonprofit organization in the heart of downtown Providence. We are a partner organization to Mathewson Street Church. We provide or partner with other community organizations to host a range of programs for underserved populations with a primary focus on health, education and the arts. We operate on a shared spaces, shared services model that emphasizes collaboration, efficient use of resources and a commitment to green practices.commitment to green practices.

What We Do

We collaborate with other service providers to host a wide range of non-religious human service activities in the church building during the week, such as a soup kitchen, educational programs for at-risk youth, socially engaged theaterĀ and support services for Rhode Islanders living with HIV/AIDS. Many of these services are not only made possible through direct partnerships with other non profits but also through 134 Collaborative facilitating additional collaborations, administrative oversight, sharing of resources and volunteer recruitment to help make the programming sustainable. The 134 Collaborative envisions a center for diverse populations that will come together in the historic Mathewson Street Church building. The center will combine the values embedded in an urban church community with nonprofit intent in order to serve as a center that builds community within the larger urban frame.


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