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Who We Are

Through a multi-faceted program that collects and distributes books, Books Are Wings brings children, their families and communities together for Book Parties. Book Are Wings' Book Parties are held at libraries, community centers, day cares,camps,after school programs, Head Start programs, schools and more. They are 2-3 hour fun events and include refreshments, storytelling, music, literacy activities and face painting. Volunteers help give the opportunity for each child to hand-pick a book to take home and read. They often read books aloud to small groups of children. Volunteers also help children affix a small nameplate in their chosen book, so each child feels a sense of ownership.

What We Do

Books Are Wings is dedicated to putting Free Books in the hands of children. Books Are Wings believes that having access to books in their homes will help children develop the literacy skills that they need to succeed. Choosing books that interest them, that are theirs to keep, motivates children to read more. Reading gives children wings to soar!


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