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Jaycees Alumni Of Kent County In Rhode Island

Who We Are


What We Do

We as Mentors and Alumni, help to foster individual enhancement and leadership development skills through community involvement, civic responsibility and social justice relations for young adults.
The United States Junior Chamber or 'JAYCEES', is a young persons' leadership training organization for (regular) members between 18-40 years-old, that started in St. Louis, Missouri back in 1920.
The JAYCEES also have membership categories for Associates, Sustaining, Alumni, Life,(Honorary), JCI Senators, US JAYCEE Ambassadors and the JAYCEE Alumni Education & Library Foundation. They WELCOME VOLUNTEERS!
JAYCEE Alumni Education & Library Foundation was established in 1990 to enhance the educational, charitable, leadership development, and community action programs of The W. Warwick JAYCEES (and affiliates) through the time-driven tenets of United States Junior Chamber, JCI Senate, JAYCEE Alumni Club & Junior Chamber International.
The objectives of the JAYCEE Alumni Education & Library Foundation provides funding for various programs of the local junior chamber (and affilates) in the areas of program promotions/public relations, charitable/medical causes, educational measures and library services along with the main purpose to cooperatively assist as a purveyor of 'producing' quality community development.(
 It also has a global presence through Junior Chamber International or JCI, which is now found in 150 countries around the world, emphasizing community improvement through individual development, with an emphasis on environmental protection, diplomatic relations, world hunger and TWINNING or formal agreements between JAYCEE chapters internationally!
 JAY -TEENS ('JAYCEES') The JAY-TEENS are groups of young students from 13 - 17 years old, who are committed to helping their community, building their own character and self-esteem and preparing themselves for becoming great citizens. They emulate the JAYCEE ~ United States Junior Chamber ~ model!
History: The JAYCEES Alumni of Kent County in Rhode Island, based in W. Warwick, was founded in 1953 and set out on a fantastic track record for community initiatives: spear-heading the construction of federal housing for the elderly and disabled; planning and coordinating central library service and expansion; drafting legislation to enable the quasi-governmental agency, the Pawtuxet River Authority & Watershed Council; bringing about full-time government with a Home Rule Charter and working with political groups/parties that saw a Mayoral Form of Government To a Council-Manager structure; organized mayoral debates, public policy forums and council roundtables; a recipient of the nationwide Project GREENWORKS!;negotiated the enactment of the Tree care & Preservation Act ("JAYCEE GREEN LAW'), the Tree Conservation Board; created the JAYCEE Corridor & Arboretum and the on-going rehabilitation of the state Senator Donald Roch RIVERWALK; offers all sorts of programming for Individual Development, Community Development, Membership Development and Management Development.The chapter is involved with a trans-pacific association through a 'TWINNING' relationship with the MANDALUYONG, Philippine JAYCEES!
This JAYCEE group & Alumni has also been recognized as an outstanding 'Mentoring' organization by the "COMMUNITY YOUTH & PARTNERSHIP" Initiative and as a consulting operative for JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT of Rhode Island. Incorporated the JAYCEE Alumni Education & Library Foundation (Board Positions & Corporate Membership OPEN To PUBLIC!) as a communitywide resource entity for all Volunteers, Friends and Sponsors!
The JAYCEES have just been recognized with the 2005 Community Impact Environmental Award by the Volunteer Center of Rhode Island and have been nationally selected via the USA Weekend Newspaper Group for their 2004 Make A Difference Day 'Family and Ethnic' Celebration They also have received the 2002 Senator Donald Roch 'Founder's Award' via the Pawtuxet River Authority & Watershed Council!
The JAYCEES have additionally been honored for their tremendous efforts over the years in land use rehabilitation and preservation, environmental education and community action by the Southern Rhode Island Conservation District with its 2005 Recognition of Service Award! For the fourteenth (14)consecutive year in 2015, the JAYCEES assisted their home-based municipal government with the nationwide certification, 'TREE CITY/USA' designation via the National Arbor Day Foundation.
The JAYCEES Community Cultural Civic Awards Program(CCC-A) uniting and recognizing numerous outstanding ethnic leaders in Rhode Island with a tremendous event of cultural music & dance, ethnic cuisine, governmental & civic awards presentation highlighting 2006-2009.

The JAYCEES are extremely proud of their Award-Winning Arboretum Chairman, who was a recipient of the prestigious Outstanding Volunteer of the Year 2009 Awards by the Volunteer Center of Rhode Island & SERVE/RI. This award recognition also includes several Citations and Proclamamtions from the host community of West Warwick an nearby City of Warwick.
 We are additionally proud to announce that our Executive Director was presented the " PRESIDENTIAL 'LIFETIME' SERVICE AWARD" for outstanding, extensive and dedicated volunteer service and civic participation on behalf of the President of the United States of America!


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