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Blackstone Parks Conservancy

Who We Are

In Blackstone Park Conservation District, we are currently addressing two major issues; erosion of soil from bluffs, trail, and lawn, and removal and monitoring of invasive species of plants.

On the Boulevard, we are currently caring for the trees and shrubs we have planted, replacing dead trees, enhancing plantings, and maintaining structures.

Blackstone Boulevard consists of a 1.6 mile long, 100-foot wide median bordered by two roadways which each contain a bicycle lane and a traffic lane.

Blackstone Park Conservation District is a 45-acre natural woodland. It contains two ponds, York Pond and Hockey Pond, and some open meadow.

What We Do

The Conservancy is a membership organization with an all-volunteer board of directors. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. We accomplish our goals with help from many dedicated volunteers.


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