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Become a WaterFire Captain! - Captains Training!

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Until   Apr 13, 2017
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5:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Have you ever wanted to be a WaterFire Captain? Our Captains have a special blend of leadership, gracefulness and an ability to remain calm under pressure!

This Captains training is a 2-part start into this opportunity. Here you will learn to drive both the Woodboats and the Guest Boats. With 4 On-River Courses (April 4th,6th,11th, and 13th) with our Staff and Veteran Volunteers, followed by days of one-on-one Trainings. After Trainings are complete, opportunities to drive will start during Morning Builds and other non-event times until the the Volunteer Coordinator has evaluated your abilities.

- Must be 18+ - Have valid drivers license (for a car, not necessarily a boat.)- Be able to attend at least 3/4 On River Trainings. (Attending all is STRONGLY preferred.) - Must complete at least 3 one-on-one Trainings. - Must be able to attend at least 6 Full WaterFire events!

WaterFire Captains are the leaders of the event on the river and have a direct impact on the artwork itself!!

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