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WinterDash Family Obstacle Run Volunteers


WinterDash is a family friendly event where participants take on 3-4 miles of trails along the majestic property of Canonicus Campground.  Along the course they will conquer 15-20 man-made obstacles.  These obstacles are built with Success in mind and have multiple levels of difficulty.  This multi-tiered design allows elite athletes and beginners alike to be challenged at their level.  


Volunteers assist throughout the day of the event as well as during the week before the event to prepare the course, and for one week after the event for take down and clean up.

Areas of Need on Event Day

Participant Registration and Check In - Start time 7am - end at 1pm
Parking Lot Attendants  - Start time - 7:00am - end at 1pm
Course Direction - Start Time - 8:00am - end at 2pm
Water Stations - Start Time - 8:00am - end at 2pm
Start and Finish Line Area - Start Time - 8:30am - end at 2:30pm


Begins Duration Open Spots Respond


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