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Matty Camp - Therapeutic Horseback Riding Camp


We're looking for volunteers for our Camp Matty therapeutic horseback riding camp! Volunteers will walk alongside the horses, play games with children waiting for their turns on horses, and entertain siblings who are not riding.

Volunteers who are experienced with horses are especially welcome!

The camp runs from 8:30 am - 1:00 pm Monday, 4/17 - Thursday, 4/20.

About the Camp: Camp Matty is a therapeutic horseback riding program designed for children with epilepsy. The day camp affords children with epilepsy the opportunity to learn to horseback ride in a safe environment with trained personnel supported by parents and volunteers. Horseback riding is considered a uniquely beneficial form of therapy. The physical benefits of muscle strengthening and improved coordination are paralleled by the social and psychological benefits of the program. The activities are designed to foster a sense of teamwork and friendship among the children. Camp Matty also has tremendous impact on the parents and caregivers who accompany their children each day of the camp. They focus on their children having fun in a safe and accessible environment and connect to other parents who share similar life experiences.

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